Showing and hiding layers

Hiding a layer causes all objects assigned to that layer to be invisible in the sketch window.

Note that layer settings applied to a master model are carried over to the model instance at the assembly level. As with other instance data, you cannot make changes to layers in an instance using the assembly's layer settings; you can make these changes only in the instance's master model. If layers have been hidden in the master model, you can make them visible in the assembly without changing the master model's layer settings by using Show Instance Objects from the Support option under the Help menu.

Also, note that Text does not display in model instances, but only in master models.

To show or hide all layers at once:

  1. View model properties in the Properties Explorer by clicking in an empty area of the sketch view or pressing Esc to ensure no objects are selected in the sketch or the math view.
  2. In the Layer area, click Show All to show all layers, or click Hide All to hide all layers:

To hide or show individual layers:

  1. View model properties in the Properties Explorer as described above.

  2. In the Layer area, select the checkbox next to the layer to toggle the layer from hidden to visible. The layer is visible when the checkbox is checked.


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