Combining duplicate contributors

Release Notes

This section reflects additions or changes that apply to Enventive Concept v4.2 and later. We strongly recommend upgrading to the most current version of Concept to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. If you are running an earlier version of the software, please open the Online Help for your version using the Enventive Concept Help menu.

Concept 4.2 lets you toggle combination of duplicate contributors on/off using the Properties Explorer.

Duplicate contributors may exist in tolerance analysis results when multiple copies of a model instance have been loaded into the assembly. The duplicate contributors are listed separately in the tolerance analysis report by default. In some cases, combining duplicate contributors gives more accurate tolerance analysis results.

Combined duplicate contributors will be reported in a single row in tolerance analysis results. In addition, the sensitivity values for individual instances are summed for combined contributors.

See When to combine duplicate contributors for more complete information about the effects of combining duplicate contributors and in what cases combining duplicate contributors is recommended.

To combine duplicate contributors:

  1. Select the instance from the Model Explorer.

  2. Toggle on "Combine Duplicates" in the Selected Object properties to combine the contribution from the multiple copies of that instance so that they appear only once in the tolerance analysis report.

    The following example shows enabling combined duplicates for two instances of the Lever model. When you toggle on Combine Duplicates for one instance, it applies to all copies of that instance in the assembly.

  3. Combined duplicates are indicated by a "+" sign preceding the contributor in the tolerance analysis spreadsheet and preceding the name of the instance in the Model Explorer, as shown for the Lever instance in our example.

As you can see in the above example, all duplicate contributors in the Lever instance have been combined, but the Bracket instance's contributors remain separate.

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