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"To constantly remain ahead of our competition, we need to be able to innovate more quickly than our competitors while ensuring better compliance to the demands of our customers. Enventive has been a cost effective, easy to implement solution that has helped our engineering teams get to the correct critical design parameters more quickly and at the first time. " - José Mendes, Ficosa International

Basic Training

Our standard 4-day training agenda includes the following topics to get you started using Enventive® software:

  • Modeling, simulation, and tolerance analysis of stick figure mechanisms
  • Basic force modeling and tolerance analysis of forces
  • Assembly modeling and tolerance analysis
  • Using equations with models and tolerance analysis of parameters computed by equations
  • Modeling consistent with GD&T standards
  • Importing IGES files and using Enventive’s Auto-Constrain Wizard
  • Tips for modeling strategies and obtaining best results
  • Design optimization from tolerance analysis reports using the Excel Solver
  • Modeling and analyzing customer-provided examples (3rd and 4th day)