"We require a design reliability analysis system with unquestionable accuracy and reliability (that can) be used easily by all the members of the design validation team without any possibility of mistakes or misinterpretation. The Enventive solution is the best solution to answer all these needs. " - François Klinkenberg, FN Herstal


    Enventive model of a valve assembly

    Enventive® mechanical engineering software introduces the concept of intelligent modeling, an infrastructure for incorporating product function in geometric models. Enventive’s unique ability to combine design, analysis, and optimization lets you easily:

    • Embed formulas computing functional properties in component models
    • Analyze force variation as a mechanism moves through its range of motion
    • Optimize critical parameters, simultaneously minimizing variation while driving parameters to meet design goals

    Enventive Software Benefits

    • Combined geometry, variation, kinematics, and loads
    • Combined geometric and non-geometric data
    • Embedded spreadsheet analysis
    • Automatic detection of critical parameters
    • Easier to learn and use than similar mechanical engineering software

    Enventive Software Features

    • Tolerance Analysis: By providing cohesive geometric modeling, equation solving, backsolving, and optimization, Enventive software can perform analyses in a fraction of the time required in competing products.
    • Conceptual Design: Enventive models are comprehensive, working representations of a part—not just geometric sketches.
    • Travel and Effort Studies: Enventive’s force modeling coupled with its equation solving, tolerance analysis, and kinematic capabilities make it a powerful tool for travel and effort studies.
    • Mechanisms: Automatically step a mechanism through its complete range of motion while concurrently running tolerance analysis to assess variation.
    • Smart Components: Enventive’s Smart Components™ accumulate engineering knowledge during product design and preserve the knowledge for reuse in future products.
    • Performance Modeling: Powerful, simultaneous equation solving capabilities combine geometric modeling with mathematical modeling.
    • Design Optimization: Enventive software provides optimization of both critical parameters and tolerances directly from the embedded tolerance analysis report.