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"Enventive, through strong successes on real-world projects, has earned the right to be our critical path tool for robust design. " - Yves Le Pottier, Electrical Device Supplier


Enventive® v2.1 shipped

Lancaster, Mass., January 15, 2009— Enventive Engineering, Inc., announces the release of Enventive® v2.1. There are many new features and enhancements in this release, including:

  • New fillet and chamfer tools
  • New and enhanced dimensions, including new Circle Edge and Gridded dimensions (x-y dimensions) and enhanced Repetitive-size dimension editing
  • New and enhanced constraints, including Hole Pattern constraints, additional force/moment constraints, and MMC callouts
  • Model scaling
  • Importing/exporting Excel workbooks
  • Copy/paste between Enventive files
  • Disabling equations
  • Using extend-select in Math View tables
  • Improvements to tolerance analysis reports, including better support for customization, more contributor calculation information, Monte Carlo analysis setup, and general Excel performance/robustness improvements
  • Improvements to auto-constraining
  • MA Conversion enhancements to support more MA object types
  • Improvements to mouse scroll wheel functionality
  • Solver alert improvements
  • Rebuild All available from toolbar
  • New Gradient background color available

Existing customers can refer to the release notes and online help included with the v2.1 shipment for complete details on using the new v2.1 features.


Enventive Engineering, Inc., is a privately held Delaware Corporation founded in 2002. Enventive provides mechanical engineering software to major corporations in the automotive, appliance, office product, and medical product industries.

Enventive is a registered trademark of Enventive Engineering, Inc.

Fico Cables relies on Enventive® for shorter development cycles

José Mendes, Technical Director

“To constantly remain ahead of our competition, we need to be able to innovate more quickly than our competitors while ensuring better compliance to the demands of our customers. Enventive has been a cost effective, easy to implement solution that has helped our engineering teams get to the correct critical design parameters more quickly and at the first time.”

Pedro Lopes, Product Engineering Manager

“Our engineering team was able to use Enventive after 4 days of training. We have been able to correct some design mistakes that were done in the past due to the limitations of the tools we were using. In the end, our customer praised us for the speed and professionalism with which we have been able to complete and present the DFSS phase on this project.”

Fico managers and engineersFico Cables LDA, a company of the Ficosa Group, is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of cables and cable actuators for the automotive industry. José Mendes and Pedro Lopes of Fico initially performed an evaluation of different tolerance analysis packages present on the market. Enventive was one of the packages evaluated.

After several presentations, the commitment of Fico Cables for Enventive was decided based on the fact that Enventive was the only tool to have complex contact modelling capabilities as well as unlimited capabilities to model and statistically optimise any physical parameter (force, temperature, pressure, friction).

The implementation of Enventive started by the training of 4 persons. Before and after the training, the trainer from Enventive’s European sales partner Cognition Europe, spent some time in order to get to know the types of analyses needed in Fico Cables’ business and how Enventive could help perform them quickly, more accurately and more easily. In the end, this enabled the training to be focused not only on theoretical aspects, but also on the ways design and optimisation issues can be addressed on a daily basis.

The collaboration between Fico Cables and Enventive/Cognition was extended to assist on the most urgent projects and during presentations to OEM customers. After this experience with Enventive, five more users were trained to be able to use Enventive on a daily basis. Fico Cables now agrees that Enventive brings more than a simple tolerance analysis tool; Enventive offers structured architecture and innovative modelling capabilities. Enventive allows Fico to optimize any critical parameter very early in the development process and to monitor statistical process control accordingly.

Enventive® V2.0 shipped

Lancaster, Mass.Enventive Engineering, Inc., announces the release of Enventive v2.0. Enventive v2.0 introduces several significant enhancements that increase the robustness and flexibility of the software, providing several features that aid in the efficiency of model creation and analysis. Enventive v2.0 also fixes many issues and limitations found in previous releases.

New features in v2.0 include:

  • Forces
  • Moments
  • Polycurves (a single object consisting of a chain of curves)
  • Pin-in-hole constraint
  • SQL database support for critical parameter management
  • Support for custom tolerance reports