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Enventive v3 Dramatically Reduces Modeling Time for Designers and Engineers

LANCASTER, Mass., Dec. 17, 2013 — Enventive Engineering, Inc. today unveiled Enventive v3, the latest release of its mechanical design and tolerance analysis software that helps companies gain a competitive advantage by bringing better products to market faster and at a lower cost. Thanks to a precise analysis of all mechanical assemblies before manufacture, the user gets a clear picture of all potential risks and avoids costly mistakes in the process.

Enventive v3 provides new features and enhancements that help make modeling many common types of parts significantly faster and easier, including:

New Cylindrical and Rectangular Feature of Size (FOS) dimensions and position constraints

Enventive v3 includes new tools for quickly applying cylindrical and rectangular Feature of Size (FOS) dimensions in a side or top view. These tools significantly simplify the modeling of holes, pins, walls, and slots, which are common for turned, molded, or machined parts.

Datums can be applied to cylindrical and rectangular FOS dimensions, and a position constraint can be used to constrain the location of a FOS dimension relative to a FOS datum.

New Constant Thickness dimension

Enventive v3 includes a new Constant Thickness dimension that copies and offsets selected geometry and automatically applies a single dimension that defines the material thickness. The Constant Thickness feature can dramatically reduce the modeling time for sheet metal parts that are stamped, where the thickness of the material is assumed to be consistent throughout the part.

Constant thickness parts can be perturbed along the entire length or by one element (individual segments of geometry and dimensions that compose the part) at a time.

New Mirror tool simplifies modeling of symmetrical geometry

Enventive v3 includes a new Mirror tool that can help simplify the modeling of symmetrical geometry. Both sides of the mirrored geometry are dynamically updated when the mirrored geometry is perturbed or its dimensions are modified, fully maintaining the mirrored relationship between the sides.

Additional language localizations

In addition to previously available language localizations for French and German, Enventive v3 now includes support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Enventive software automatically uses your operating system’s language setting to select an available language and display the related text within the Enventive user interface. To help new users get started more quickly, PDF versions of tutorials are also available in these languages.

Additional enhancements

Additional enhancements in Enventive v3 include:

  • Improved integration with Microsoft® Excel®, including support for Excel 2013
  • Improved Perturb feature, including the ability to quickly toggle between perturbing by Size and Orientation for Line to Line dimensions
  • Tolerance analysis reports can report object descriptions or object names (default) as contributor identifiers
  • Improved ability to delete forces while maintaining related parameters and equations
  • Improved display of datums associated with model instances within an assembly
  • Improved ability to select the centerpoint of arcs and circles when applying constraints and dimensions
  • Ability to hide moments using layers
  • Ability to pause recording of a Tolerance in Motion (TIM) study upon completion
  • Improved area calculations for regions that include holes
  • Solver improvements to increase accuracy, performance, and robustness
  • Support for spaces in parameter names and sharing data between components with names that include mathematical-related characters
  • Ability to turn off background gradient shading within display window

Current customers can refer to the release notes included with Enventive v3 for complete details on this release. To request enhancements for future releases, please contact us.

What is Enventive Software for Mechanical Design and Tolerance Analysis?

Enventive software provides mechanical design and tolerance analysis tools to identify and optimize critical parameters early in the design process, helping to minimize manufacturing variation. Its technology can be used in a variety of fields and is perfect for advanced mechanisms such as automotive, aerospace and medical device, to name a few.

Going beyond the capabilities of traditional tolerance analysis software, Enventive’s equation solving and GD&T (geometric dimensioning and tolerancing) tools help pinpoint a wider range of key contributors to variation. Built-in modeling tools enable proof-of-concept studies from the start of the product development process, providing valuable insight into product performance before the creation of detailed CAD models.

Enventive software helps you bring better products to market faster by helping avoid the cost and delay of discovering design errors during manufacturing.

About Enventive Engineering, Inc.

Enventive Engineering, Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation, founded in 2002, that develops, distributes, and supports mechanical design and tolerance analysis software.

Enventive Engineering’s worldwide customers include Fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses that represent a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace/defense, medical, electrical components, office equipment, and appliances.

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