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"Most GD&T training only helps engineers learn the interpretation of (the GD&T) language. Enventive has become a tool at our company that has helped engineers become fluent in applying GD&T to their designs. " - Eric Pattok, Nexteer Automotive

Basic Training

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Our standard 4-day training agenda includes the following topics to get you started using Enventive® software:

  • Modeling, simulation, and tolerance analysis of stick figure mechanisms
  • Basic force modeling and tolerance analysis of forces
  • Assembly modeling and tolerance analysis
  • Using equations with models and tolerance analysis of parameters computed by equations
  • Modeling consistent with GD&T standards
  • Importing IGES files and using Enventive’s Auto-Constrain Wizard
  • Tips for modeling strategies and obtaining best results
  • Design optimization from tolerance analysis reports using the Excel Solver
  • Modeling and analyzing customer-provided examples (3rd and 4th day)