Enventive® Concept 4.3.2 Release Notes

Enventive Concept 4.3.2 includes important fixes to issues found in previous versions of Enventive Concept. These release notes also list known issues in this version of Enventive Concept that are planned to be fixed in an upcoming release.

Compatibility notes:

  • Back up all files that exist in a version of Enventive Concept older than 4.3 before saving the file in 4.3 or newer. You can open files that were created in versions older than 4.3.x; however, after saving a file in Enventive Concept 4.3 or newer, it cannot be opened in a previous version of Enventive Concept.
  • You can install and run Enventive Concept 4.3.x on a machine that has another version of Enventive Concept installed. However, as in previous releases, you cannot run multiple versions of Enventive Concept at the same time. If you attempt to run multiple different versions at the same time, Concept may crash.


Enventive Concept 4.3.2 incorporates numerous performance optimizations for large assemblies, including working with layers.

Fixed issues

The following non-fatal errors have been fixed in Enventive Concept 4.3.2.

  • Fixed constant thickness errors associated with certain closed curves. (Reference #4768)

    Note: This may present a problem with existing models that had an unrecognized constant thickness curve, because the user would have had to constrain/dimension the model without the automatic thickness constraints. These constraints will now be properly created when opening the model in 4.3.2, which may result in an over-constrained model. In such cases, the extra constraints/dimensions must be removed. If you require assistance with correcting the constraints/dimensions in such models, please contact Enventive support.

  • Fixed issues with mirrored model-instances. (Reference #4757, 4752)

  • Fixed incorrect results for Floating Pin-In-Hole contributors when using Combined Duplicates. (Reference #4753)

  • Fixed an issue where the Cp values of orientation and size contributors for Line-to-Line dimensions were not kept in sync. (Reference #4422)

Known issues

The following issues exist in this release and are planned to be fixed in an upcoming release.

  • Incorrect tolerance analysis results are computed in some cases where datum shift has been applied to two circular features acting together as primary and secondary datums. With the exception of stack measurements to the primary datum, tolerance analysis results are incorrect when a separate gage from the primary and secondary datum evaluation gage(s) is required for evaluating features positioned relative to the primary and secondary datums.

  • In the Concept spreadsheet, when drag-select or extend-select is used to select a block of cells for creating a chart, and the selection exceeds 25 rows, the preview images may fail to display in the Insert Chart dialog. (The chart can still be created by selecting the area in the Insert Chart dialog where the preview would normally appear.) (Reference #4673)

  • In the Concept spreadsheet, Update Analysis updates the entire tolerance analysis report spreadsheet, so any user-added data (such as additional calculations, notes, etc.) outside the tolerance analysis report cells is not retained. (Reference #4672)

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