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You can use Enventive Concept's online help as a learning tool by reading about each feature listed in the table of contents, or you can look up specific information using the Index or Search features.

Frequently asked questions

Refer to our list of frequently asked questions to save yourself time looking for answers to common inquiries about using Concept, including troubleshooting, best practices, and how-to tips.

You can type text in the Search bar at the top of the Enventive Concept Help page to get a list of topics that include all or part of the entered text. It is helpful to limit the text to the words most relative to the search.

For example, if you want to find information about constraining circles to be tangent, you can type "constrain circles tangent" in the Search bar. This will result in a list of topics that contain all or some of these words. For this example, the first item in the list is a topic on constraint tools. When you open that topic, the terms constraincircles, and tangent are highlighted throughout the page to help you locate what you're looking for.


As a supplement to Enventive Concept training, a set of basic tutorials are available from the Enventive Concept Help menu and from the Resources menu on the Enventive web site (you must log in as a paying customer to access this menu).

What's new?

To find out what's new in the latest version of Enventive Concept, see the current Release Notes. You can also see the release notes by selecting Release Notes... from the Enventive Concept Help menu.

We encourage you to update to the most current version of Enventive Concept (available from our Downloads page) to get the latest features, enhancements and bug fixes. If you aren't sure whether you have the most current version, select About... from the Enventive Concept Help menu to check your version number and compare it to the version available from our Downloads page.

When you install Enventive Concept, be sure to check the most current Installation Guide for the latest system requirements and complete details on installing Enventive Concept.

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