What are the GD&T symbols? Are they identical in a tolerance analysis software?

GD&T Symbols may differ between the different norms, and their application in Enventive Concept is not always direct. This page presents a simplified version of the “GD&T Equivalents” table published in Enventive Concept documentation.

Form tolerances

Per the ISO and ASME standards, a form tolerance is generally a refinement of an orientation tolerance, and an orientation tolerance is a refinement of a size/location tolerance

Form tolerance must be ≤ Orientation tolerance, which must be ≤ Size tolerance

Applied to single features – Not related to a datum.

Used to specify a zone in which the dimensioned feature must be controlled.

Orientation tolerances

Determines the orientation for the form/feature in relation to a datum.

Per the ISO and ASME standards, an Orientation tolerance is a refinement of a size/location tolerance

Orientation tolerance must be ≤ Size tolerance

Location tolerances

Location tolerances define the location of a feature in relation to a reference datum. The datum is necessary to indicate location tolerance.

Profile tolerances

Determines a uniform boundary around a surface within which the elements of the surface must lie.

This is a complex tolerance that simultaneously controls a feature’s form, size, orientation, and sometimes location.

Three-dimensional tolerance applying in all directions.

Determines the true position of the feature in relation to a datum.

Runout and Special cases

Determines the run-out fluctuation of a target’s feature when the target part is rotated on an axis. A datum is always necessary to indicate run-out tolerance.

Runout helps to limit the axis offset of two parts to ensure they can spin and wear evenly.

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