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Using technical examples customized for your applications, our application engineer will answer all of your questions. In one session, you will be able to estimate how strategic our software can be for your specific applications.

We usually answer this question during a demo, because the price depends on:

  • The number of licenses a group has worldwide. If you belong to a group with multiple R&D locations, there are chances your group is already an Enventive customer, and as a result, a discount may be applicable.
  • The number of license(s) needed.
  • The number of training(s) needed. There are several possible options for training.
  • Agreed-upon payment conditions.

Every customer is an Enventive partner. Your ROI and ability to maximize it in the shortest possible time, while limiting your risk, is what makes Enventive software pay for itself. Through discussing your needs directly with you, we can discover how the software and our team of experts can ensure that you are successful and satisfied, every step of the way.

This is a question we usually answer during demos. Many options are possible, but it all comes down to how you can most reliably estimate the software’s value for minimum cost (people and software) in the minimum length of time.

We are willing to explore options that will lead to your success. As CEO and founder of Enventive, Ralph Gifford, likes to say: “We are rigid in being flexible.”

Between 1 and 2 hours.

The time your custom demo will take depends on many factors, including your own preferred style and expectations, and what works best in your region. Your local contact will give you a more precise estimate of how long your custom demo will take.

We want you to see for yourself and understand well how our tolerance software work and the value behind it. For that purpose, our demos usually consist of:

  • 5 to 10 min – introduction to precise the solution position in the product development process and challenges it solves.
  • The rest is the technical presentation. It contains multiple technical models from very simple to very advanced. The most advanced being adjusted to your applications so you can be confident that the software will make you successful.

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