Separating Duplicate Contributors

Release Notes

This section reflects additions or changes that apply to Enventive Concept v4.2 and later. We strongly recommend upgrading to the most current version of Concept to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. If you are running an earlier version of the software, please open the Online Help for your version using the Enventive Concept Help menu.

Concept 4.2 lets you toggle combination of duplicate contributors on/off using the Properties Explorer.

You can toggle on/off combining or separating duplicate contributors in tolerance analysis results. The default setting is to treat duplicate contributors as separate in the tolerance analysis results. With duplicate contributors toggled off, all contributors in the model instance will be separated.

When duplicate contributors are separated, each contributor is listed individually in the tolerance analysis report and has its own sensitivity value.

To separate combined contributors in the tolerance analysis report:

  1. In the Model Explorer (indicated by a plus sign preceding the instance name), select the instance you want to separate combined contributors for.   
  2. Toggle off the Combined Contributors toggle in the Properties Explorer.

    Update the tolerance analysis report to see that all duplicate contributors for the model instance are now listed separately in the tolerance analysis report.

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