Enventive® Concept v4.2 shipped

Enventive® Concept v4.2 is now live with New Modeling and Analysis Capabilities to Designers and Engineers

LANCASTER, Mass., January 21, 2020 —Enventive Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce that Enventive® Concept v4.2, our mechanical design and tolerance analysis software is now live. Enventive Concept® helps you bring better products to market faster and at lower cost by identifying and optimizing critical parameters early in the design process.

Enventive® Concept v4.2 introduces many new features and enhancements, including:

  • Tolerance analysis enhancements – Reports are now generated in an integrated spreadsheet, which replaces Excel
  • New optimization tool
  • Support for DIN 16742, ISO 2768, and ISO 8062 tolerance standards
  • Ability to assign custom Cp values for “Projected” tolerance results, based on failure mode severities
  • Monte Carlo enhancements – Pearson “goodness-of-fit” distribution analysis for results and new distribution types for contributors
  • Improved method for combining duplicate contributors
  • New trim/extend functionality
  • Ability to reorder and delete layers
  • Concentricity tolerances are displayed as Feature Control Frames (FCFs)
  • Model Explorer now displays Degrees of Freedom for each instance in an assembly model
  • User-interface enhancements – Scalable icons and fonts to improve support for high-resolution monitors
  • Improved support for circular datums
  • Redeveloped Mirror tool
  • Improvements to Position tolerances for Cylindrical/Rectangular Features of Size
  • Additional support for Enventive 360

For complete details on this release, current customers can refer to the release notes included with Enventive® Concept v4.2 . To request enhancements for future releases, please contact us.

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