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"Enventive is by far the best design variation analysis tool we have found. This is more powerful than traditional design simulation tools, such as FEA software. Anyone who completes mechanical design work should be using Enventive. " - Yves Le Pottier, Electrical Device Supplier

Mechanical Design Workflow

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Overcoming the Shortcomings of the Traditional Mechanical Design Workflow

In traditional product development cycles, the early stages of the design process—including concept development and design analysis—fail to include sources of variation. Tolerance stack-ups are typically performed just prior to production release, and issues related to variation are addressed during verification/validation runs or when problems arise during manufacturing. This reactive design method results in low production yields, field failures, and warranty problems.  Variational analysis becomes a bottleneck, and the workflow recycles endlessly.

Mechanical design workflow

Enventive Concept overcomes the shortcomings of this traditional workflow, offering a fundamentally new approach. Enventive Concept is a pre-CAD mechanical engineering design system that combines geometric, mathematical, and kinematic modeling with automated variation analysis, optimization capabilities, and GD&T simulation to give you new insight into your product designs.

Many companies have invested significant time and money toward training engineers on Design for Six Sigma, critical parameter management, and systems engineering. Unfortunately, in many cases, these valuable concepts have not been effectively implemented because engineers simply don’t have access to tools that help them put the theories into practice. Enventive Concept gives engineers a tool that enables them to proactively apply these robust design principles to their work and optimize product designs.

A single ECN can end up costing tens of thousands—even millions in some cases—of dollars in tooling changes, scrap and rework, change validation, warranty repairs, and recalls. Using Enventive Concept, customers have brought new products to market with zero ECNs and ahead of schedule.

For any business with an emphasis on quality, reliability, and time-to-market, the immediate ROI in time and money spent in design, production, and post-production expenditures is obvious. Add to these benefits increased customer satisfaction, an improved standing in the marketplace, ability to focus time and energy on new designs…you get the picture!