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"For mechanisms and tolerance-in-motion, Enventive can't be beat. " - Jeff Gabalski, BAE Industries

Enventive Engineering’s Flagship Product Gets a New Name

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Enventive Engineering, Inc., Gives Flagship Product a New Name

LANCASTER, Mass., January 30, 2018—In response to adding two new products in 2018, Enventive Engineering, Inc., is giving its once-solo product—known simply as Enventive software—a new name: Enventive Concept.

Ralph Gifford, President and co-founder of Enventive Engineering, Inc., explained, “We’re making this change in response to Enventive Engineering’s recent growth. With two new products joining our lineup, our flagship product needs a name that identifies its fit in the product suite.” Enventive’s new product offerings, Enventive 360 and Enventive 3D&T, were officially announced at the Enventive User Group Meeting in October of last year. The initial production release of Enventive 360 is imminent, and Enventive 3D&T is soon to begin beta testing.

Strategically used during the conceptual design stage of product development, “Concept” is an apt moniker. “Along with its new name, Concept is gaining a new identity as an intrinsic part of a more comprehensive solution,” Gifford said.

“We’re entering into a new phase of growth,” Gifford continued, “Growth that has sprung organically from actively encouraging progressive change in the industry and supporting our customers’ goals to improve their entire engineering process, and ultimately their success.”

Enventive is continuing to make enhancements to Enventive Concept to respond to customers’ immediate needs as well as integrate it with their new products. Version 4.1.5, which primarily fixes issues found in 4.1.4, has just been released, and another new version of Enventive Concept that includes many enhancements and fixes based on customer feedback will be released later this year.

About Enventive Design Optimization Software

Enventive is a mechanical engineering design system that takes mechanical designs through every phase, from initial concept, to preliminary  design, to variational analysis and optimization.

By combining geometric, mathematical, and kinematic modeling with automated variation analysis, optimization capabilities, and GD&T simulation, Enventive enables engineers to simultaneously optimize critical parameter values and their tolerance limits, giving them greater insight into their products.

Enventive helps engineers understand how real world variances affect design before detailed design occurs, resulting in significant savings in time, effort and money.

About Enventive Engineering, Inc.

Enventive Engineering, Inc., is a privately held Delaware corporation, founded in 2002.

Enventive Engineering is dedicated to helping mechanical engineers succeed in the areas of design, analysis, and optimization by providing them with technologies that enable reliable identification of potential design problems early in product development.

Enventive Engineering develops, maintains and supports software distributed to companies in more than 30 countries representing a variety of fields, including automotive, aerospace/defense, medical devices, electrical components, office equipment, and appliances.