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"We can conceptualize design concepts 10 times faster in Enventive than we can with our native CAD system. The Enventive constraint model lets us evaluate design changes as quickly as we can think of the changes... in fact, the software often leads the designer to these changes. " - Yves Le Pottier, Electrical Device Supplier

Vince Huffaker


Vince Huffaker is a co-founder of Enventive Engineering and the Vice President of Product Development. Vince’s primary responsibility is ensuring that new versions of Enventive are released in a timely manner, while maintaining a high-quality product. This entails wearing many managerial hats, including software development, infrastructure support, release process and scheduling, and technical support.

Vince has a long-time passion for mathematics and graphics and variational design.  Before working for Enventive Engineering, Vince worked at Cognition Corporation, where he led the development of the Mechanical Advantage software product.

Vince received a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Math from University of Colorado, a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University, and a Ph.D. degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University.

When he’s not breaking typing speed records answering technical support requests and working out Enventive technical issues over chat, Vince’s free time is typically filled with helping chauffeur his four children to various sporting events. And if there’s any time left over, Vince and his wife enjoy keeping up with the latest movies.