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"Enventive is by far the best design variation analysis tool we have found. This is more powerful than traditional design simulation tools, such as FEA software. Anyone who completes mechanical design work should be using Enventive. " - Yves Le Pottier, Electrical Device Supplier

Enventive 3D&T

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The pressure is on to commit to your design and launch tooling without delay. But how can you be certain the GD&T on critical features of your solid model will reliably deliver the functional performance you need? Are tighter tolerances needed?

Gain confidence quickly and easily with Enventive 3D&T, an innovative 3D CAE solution for performing mid- to late-stage tolerance analysis and variation optimization on CAD solid models. Enventive 3D&T does all the calculations for you, identifying and ranking the effect of each contributor, so you can clearly understand the impact of  key contributors.

Easy to use by any product designer or engineer, Enventive 3D&T keeps analysis in the hands of those who know the design best. Enventive 3D&T gives you immediate answers on how design, datum, and tolerance choices impact functional reliability, so you can achieve your desired quality level.

Enventive 3D&T analyzes static position and motion (kinematics) for mechanisms that have multiple planes of action, gap variation between components, adequate clearance between housings and internal systems, etc.  For example: a handle fitting into a door; gaps between a PCB and its housing; fitting pipes together in exhaust systems; molded parts; interlocking static parts (without hinges); and similar applications.

Enventive 3D&T is currently in beta stage (not yet ready for production use)  and available only as a pre-release for select Enventive customers. Please contact us if you are interested in being a beta tester for Enventive 3D&T, or to learn more about how 3D&T can help you with your unique product design needs.