Enventive® v2.1.5 shipped

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Lancaster, Mass., December 2, 2010 — Enventive Engineering, Inc., announces the release of Enventive® v2.1.5. This release includes new features and fixes several issues, including:

  • Enventive now supports Excel 2010.
  • It is now possible to use double letters for datum labels.  (Ex:  AB, CD, etc.)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Enventive to crash when reloading component instances.
  • Perturb function now works for Point On Polycurve constraints.
  • Changed how Enventive handles large angle changes, to prevent models from becoming corrupted.
  • Fixed a bug that caused equations to be deleted when locked variables were unlocked.
  • When assignment equations (Ex: A = 3) are written in the equation editor, Enventive now assigns default tolerances to the variables.
  • Improved performance when working with model files on a network drive.
  • Corrected errors in tolerance analysis reports relating to MMC modifiers and Repetitive Size dimensions.
  • Fixed several other bugs reported by Enventive users.

Existing customers can refer to the release notes included with the v2.1.5 shipment for complete details on this release.

What is Enventive Design Optimization Software?

Enventive is a mechanical engineering design system that takes mechanical designs through every phase, from initial concept, to preliminary  design, to variational analysis and optimization. It brings tolerance analysis to a whole new level.

By combining geometric, mathematic, and kinematic modeling with automated variation analysis, optimization capabilities, and GD&T (geometric dimensioning and tolerancing) simulation, Enventive enables engineers to simultaneously optimize critical parameter values and their tolerance limits, giving them greater insight into their products. All risks are precisely determined before production, thus avoiding costly redos and lost time.

As Enventive helps engineers understand how real world variances affect design before detailed design occurs, profitability and efficiency are greatly improved.

About Enventive Engineering, Inc.

Enventive Engineering, Inc., is a privately held Delaware corporation, founded in 2002.

Enventive Engineering is dedicated to helping mechanical engineers succeed in the areas of design, analysis, and optimization by providing them with technologies that enable reliable identification of potential design problems early in product development.

Enventive Engineering develops, maintains and supports software distributed to companies based mainly in the US and Europe, with users as far-ranging as China, India, South Africa, and Brazil. Enventive Engineering customers include several Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller companies representing a variety of fields, including automotive, aerospace/defense, medical, electrical components, office equipment, and appliances.

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