What is the sensitivity and how does it contribute to design robusteness?

What is the sensitivity and how does it contribute to design robusteness?

Every contributor of the dependency graph has a nominal value and a sigma value, and the Solver computes the first partial differential of the mathematical equation to determine sensitivity values for each contributor (s = d(contributor)/d(analyzed dimension). Sensitivity actually represents the amplification effect of one specific contributor relative to the analysed dimension. In the following example, if the first contributor (FreeL) is changed by a value of 1, the analyzed variable (Ftot) will change by a value of 1.205.

Sensitivity can also be used to understand the relative importance of the tolerance interval versus the nominal value of a contributor. In the previous example, the second contributor (d) has a very high sensitivity (278). That means that its impact on the output dimension comes mainly from its nominal value (0.5) and not from its tolerance interval (+/- 0.0025). Remember that the % of Contribution is the combined effect of both the tolerance interval and the sensitivity.

Note that the worst case analysis also uses sensitivity values to provide a linear estimate of the outcome based on contributor values being at maximum and minimum tolerance limits.

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