Announcing Availability of Enventive 360

LANCASTER, Mass., January 29, 2018 — Enventive Engineering, Inc., is pleased to announce the initial launch of Enventive 360, an enterprise-level dimensional management solution for companies that manufacture complex mechanical systems.

Traditionally, the value of engineering analysis ends after the product design is completed and released to manufacturing. Enventive 360 breaks that mold by supporting Design for Production Support (DFPS), a holistic methodology that broadens the concept of what engineering supplies to manufacturing as a deliverable. DFPS leverages the engineering investment made during the product development process to support the entire lifecycle of product design: from initial concept, to manufacturing, to shipping a deliverable, to later design iterations.

“The development of Enventive 360 has been done hand-in-hand with our customers, from day one,” said Ralph Gifford, President and co-founder of Enventive Engineering, Inc. “By working so closely with multiple corporations, we got a real-world take on exactly what information needs to be tracked, connected, analyzed, and used in a 360-degree view of product development. We’re confident through this intense interaction, and using real-world data to test our results, that Enventive 360 is ready to take on and solve problems for our users.

“We’ve also increasingly realized through working with our customers how important Enventive 360 will be, not just for its stack management capabilities, but for helping the entire industry move ahead, to grow into the next generation of mechanical engineering process management. It’s exciting to be part of this transformation for our customers.”

At this time, Enventive 360 is only available for use by existing Enventive Concept customers as an SaaS application hosted by Enventive Engineering, Inc. For more information, please contact Enventive Sales.

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