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"Enventive has enabled our mechanisms design engineers to literally start thinking again in order to make the right decisions on their preliminary designs problems. This allows us to avoid costly late stage problems in our design and industrialization processes. " - Norbert Hertling, Lear Corporation Gmbh

Tolerance Analysis

Enventive Concept takes tolerance analysis of mechanical engineering designs to another level by making analysis the cornerstone of a more effective and efficient design cycle.

Rather than relegating tolerance analysis to an isolated task performed in the late stages of product development, Enventive takes a holistic approach to mechanical engineering design that seamlessly combines tolerance analysis with conceptual design, performance modeling, and design optimization.

Enventive Concept’s tolerance analysis can be performed in a fraction of the time required in competing products, including tolerance analysis of forces and tolerance analysis of values computed by equations.

While many analysis tools are geared toward specialists and require weeks of training and months—or even years—of use to achieve proficiency, Enventive software is quick to learn and easy to use. Enventive Concept makes performing tolerance analysis stack-ups vastly more intuitive and helps users identify dimensioning schemes that are truly functional.

Customer Testimonial

“I cannot leave a discussion of Enventive without mentioning it is fun to use. Sketches and graphical representations of the parts drive the models. This, coupled with the easy-to-use interface, creates ‘Stack-up Junkies’ who want to do the analysis because the software helps them easily visualize the impact a design change can have on the product.” – Eric Pattok, Nexteer Automotive

Enventive Concept’s tolerance analysis:

Graphically based tolerance analysis reports

Enventive writes tolerance analysis reports to an integrated Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet that is bi-directionally associative with the Enventive model, providing a familiar and flexible view of the results for designers, systems engineers, mechanical engineers, manufacturing engineers, and engineering managers.

The tolerance analysis reports in Enventive software are easy-to-read and completely interactive with the model.

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Work with contributors directly from the report

Contributors selected in the report are highlighted in the Enventive model and can be perturbed to dynamically display the impact of contributor variations. Optimization of nominal values and tolerances can be driven directly from the report, and the model and analysis results update immediately.

Enventive software includes the ability to interactively work with contributors to more easily study the impact of variation.

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Analyze and optimize multiple parameters

Enventive Concept lets you analyze multiple parameters to report combined results based on the effect contributors have on all of the analyzed parameters. Optimization can be run on analyzed parameters to achieve optimal values and variation.

Enventive software includes the ability to perform tolerance analysis on multiple parameters and also perform design optimization based on multiple parameters.

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