"Rather than seeking to simply avoid problems, by using tolerance-based optimization early in the product development process, well up-front of traditional CAD, we're able to use Enventive to target and achieve optimized design solutions and aggressively establish competitive product offerings. " - Yves Le Pottier, Electrical Device Supplier

    Product Highlights

    Enventive® software provides mechanical design and tolerance analysis tools to identify and optimize critical parameters early in the design process, helping to minimize manufacturing variation.

    Associativity between Microsoft® Excel® and Enventive software

    Enventive software improves the product development process

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    • Enventive software includes a wide range of geometric modeling, GD&T, equation solving, and design optimization tools. Combined geometric and mathematical modeling allows dimensions to be easily used in equations and for equations to drive dimensions.
    • Enventive models, supported by Smart Components™, capture both the form and function of parts and assemblies—not just geometry. These models help study geometry, forces, kinematic motion, and any parameter that can be defined by an equation.
    • Beyond traditional tolerance analysis, Enventive software helps to identify a wider range of parameters that are critical to the quality and reliability of a product. Built-in tolerance analysis tools can then be used to help minimize the effect of variation caused by each critical parameter, helping to improve product performance.
    • Enventive software makes it easier to design and optimize mechanisms, whether studying motion and its impact or performing travel and effort studies. Users can automatically step a mechanism through its complete range of motion, while concurrently running tolerance analysis to assess variation.
    • Enventive results are automatically written to an integrated Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet, providing a familiar view of the results for designers, systems engineers, mechanical engineers, manufacturing engineers, and engineering managers. Bi-directional associativity between Excel and Enventive software helps to more easily study “what if” scenarios and the effect of changes to critical parameters.
    • Removing the need for a detailed CAD model, Enventive software provides valuable insight during the earliest stages of the product development process. By focusing on both form and function from conception through manufacturing, companies gain a competitive advantage by bringing better products to market faster—and at lower cost.