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"Our engineering team has been able to use Enventive after 4 days of training. We have been able to correct some design mistakes that were done in the past due to the limitations of the tools we were using. In the end, our customer praised us for the speed and professionalism with which we have been able to complete and present the DFSS phase on this project. " - Pedro Lopes, Ficosa International

Enventive Concept

Enventive® Concept is a mechanical design and tolerance analysis software solution that identifies and optimizes critical parameters early in the design process, helping to minimize manufacturing variation.

  • Enventive Concept includes a wide range of geometric modeling, GD&T, equation solving, and design optimization capabilities. Combined geometric and mathematical modeling allows dimensions to be used in equations and equations to drive dimension values.
  • Enventive Concept models, supported by Smart Components™, capture both the form and function of parts and assemblies—not just geometry. These models help study geometry, forces, kinematic motion, and any parameter that can be defined by an equation.
  • Enventive Concept provides valuable insight during the earliest stages of the product development process, before developing a detailed CAD model.
  • Beyond traditional tolerance analysis, Enventive Concept helps to identify a wider range of parameters that are critical to the quality and reliability of a product.
  • Enventive Concept results are automatically written to an integrated spreadsheet, providing a familiar view of the results for designers, systems engineers, mechanical engineers, manufacturing engineers, and engineering managers to easily study “what if” scenarios and the effect of changes to critical parameters.
  • Built-in tolerance analysis tools can be used to help minimize the effect of variation caused by each critical parameter, helping to improve product performance.
  • Enventive Concept makes it easier to design and optimize mechanisms, whether studying motion and its impact or performing travel and effort studies. Users can automatically step a mechanism through its complete range of motion, while concurrently running tolerance analysis to assess variation.

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